The research activities performed at the Laboratoire d’Ingénierie des Systèmes Mécaniques et des Matériaux (LISMMA) deal with the engineering of mechanical systems. They have a multidisciplinary character, covering mechanical engineering, mechanics, mechatronics and industrial engineering. The activities of LISMMA deal with: materials science, mechanical design (partnership with Dassault systèmes for the development of CATIA), supply chain, tribology (science of the mechanisms of friction, lubrication, and wear of interacting surfaces that are in relative motion) and vibro-acoustics (vibrations, noise, etc.).



The research activities focus on the design and the control of complex systems in the field of mechanical engineering. Compliant with a systemic approach, they cover at the first place the analysis and the modelling of complex systems. The objective is so to develop new approaches, methods and tools adapted to these systems.

All the members of the laboratory (researchers and technicians) work in a strong collaboration with industrial partners (DASSAULT SYSTEMES, ALSTOM, ASTRIUM BOSCH, CNES, EADS, SAFRAN, RENAULT, PSA, VALEO, etc.).


Research axes

• Modelling and simulation: geometric modelling for CAD, design, simulation and optimisation of systems.
• Knowledge of mechanical properties of materials: volume and surface materials (multifunctional surface), lubricants, etc.
• Thermo-mechanical structure simulation, vibrations: mechanical answer and durability, identification tools, active control, etc.



• 1200°C, from micron to 60 m/s or impact, etc.
• Coupled acoustic rooms, Intensity probe.
Digital modelling and simulation:
• Design : Catia, ABAQUS, ADAMS etc.
• Production systems and supply chain: Adonix, Delmia, Witness, OPL Studio (Ilog).



Digital engineering
Tribology and Materials science
Vibroacoustics and Structure


Composition :
The LISMMA is composed by 75 members, among them 33 researchers (professors and associate professors) and 31 PhD students.


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