Digital Engineering

In a context of digitalisation of the product and its simulation process to speed up the design process, the Digital Engineering gathers tools and methodologies associated to the analysis (design and simulation) of the product and its manufacturing processes, and associated to data and information management overall the product lifecycle.



Keywords: Digital Engineering, System, modelling and simulation, optimisation, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), geometric specification of product, mechatronics, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), information systems, environmental optimisation.


Coordinator: Thierry Soriano

Secretary: Véronique Da Silva

Geometric modelling for the digital mock-up

The general objective of our current research projects is first to improve the performances in terms of analysis and solving of 3D geometric problems, and second to generalise our current purely geometric modelling to all physical phenomenon common in mechatronic engineering.


Engineering of Mechatronic systems

Mmechatronic systems integrate technologies coming from computer science, mechanical engineering, electronics and control. The evolution of the technology created these complex systems that improve efficiency and add functionalities and running life in lots of applications. The general objective is so to carry out multi-physics models and to use simulation, and especially digital prototyping, in the design phase of the system, to decrease costs inherent to real prototypes and to increase quality of the systems. 


Design and Optimisation of Industrial Systems

Our research activities focus on synchronizing decisions of Design and Production, by synchronizing PLM decisions with ERP and APS ones (logistics of design) by defining decision models adapted to the design automation by modelling and solving integrated design problems of product/supply chain , and by assessing robustness and stability of such networks.


Eco-Design and Product optimisation

Our research activity aims at developing methodological elements that contribute to a multi-criteria optimisation of the product during the design phase. The works in the domain of eco-design allow a better integration of all environmental impacts in the product design, with the use of approaches like Design for Remanufacturing, Design for Recycling, Eco-innovation, Eco-QFD, Social LCA, … For the aspects of system modelling and optimisation, we focus on the use of CSP (Constraint Satisfaction Problem) approaches during the collaborative product design process, from the choice of architecture to the definition, the dimensioning and the global optimisation of the final artefact.

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ABID Abdelmonaam Doctorant
ADDOUCHE Sid-Ali Maître de conférences
ALI Anissa Doctorant
BARBEDIENNE Romain Doctorant
BELLACICCO Alain Professeur agrégé
BEN MESSAOUD Yethreb Doctorant
BERRICHE Fatima Doctorant
BOUGAA Mohammed Doctorant
BOURCIER Caroline Professeur agrégé
BOUZID Marwa Doctorant
BRAHIM-DJELLOU Sakina Doctorant
CHEUTET Vincent Maître de conférences HDR
CHINVIGAI Chatchawan Doctorant
CHOLEY Jean-Yves Maître de conférences
CHOLLET Patrice Maître de conférences
CLEMENT André Professeur émérite
COSTA AFFONSO Roberta Maître de conférences
COUFFIN Florent Maître de conférences
DA SILVA Frédéric Doctorant
DAFAOUI El Mouloudi Maître de conférences
DANIOKO Fadaba Doctorant
DHIB Soumaya Doctorant
DUGOWSON Stéphane Maître de conférences
EL MHAMEDI Abderrahman Professeur des universités
EL-GAMOUSSI Sarah Doctorant
FRACHET Jean-Paul Professeur émérite
GALICHET Gilles Doctorant
GALLOIS Thibaut-Hugues Doctorant
GARCIA Julien Doctorant
GHORBEL Nouha Doctorant
GUIZANI Amir Doctorant
HADRICH Ayman Doctorant
HAMANI Nadia Maître de conférences
HAMMADI Moncef Maître de conférences
HAMZA Ghazoi Doctorant
HANI Yasmine Maître de conférences
HASSAN AHMED Moustapha Doctorant
HASSINE Hichem Doctorant
KAFA Nadine Doctorant
KERMAD Lyes Maître de conférences
KHATROUCH Ikram Doctorant
LAHIANI Nouha Doctorant
LARROUDE Vincent Doctorant
LECLAIRE Patrice Maître de conférences
MASMOUDI Mahmoud Doctorant
MHENNI Faïda Contractuel
MILADI CHAABANE Mariem Doctorant
MILLET Dominique Professeur des universités
MOEUF Alexandre Doctorant
NORVISAL Dimas Doctorant
PENAS Olivia Ingénieur de recherche
PLATEAUX Régis Maître de conférences
RAMEAU Jean-François PAST
RENAUD Ruixian Ingénieur de recherche
RIVIERE Alain Professeur des universités
SALVAN Christophe Professeur agrégé
SAMET Bacem Doctorant
SELLAKH Reda Maître de conférences
SERRE Philippe Maître de conférences
SORIANO Thierry Professeur des universités
TCHERTCHIAN Nicolas Doctorant
TCHOFFA David Post-doctorant
TRABELSI Hassen Post-doctorant
VINTER Pierre Professeur agrégé
WARNIEZ Aude Ingénieur d étude
YVARS Pierre-Alain Professeur des universités
ZERELLI Manel Doctorant
ZOLGHADRI Marc Professeur des universités