GALLOIS Thibaut-Hugues


Status: Doctorant

Team: Digital Engineering
PhD Thesis: Amélioration dela rapidité de systèmes d'...

Address: 3, rue Fernand Hainaut - 93407 Saint Ouen

Responsibilities in laboratory:


• International conferences

GALLOIS Thibaut-Hugues, SORIANO Thierry , BRAC Jean
A new method to build a stiff, flexible, large scale model as benchmark for ODE solvers.
OpenModelica Workshop Linkoping Sweden Feb 2015, 2015

Thibaut-Hugues GALLOIS, Jean BRAC, Thierry SORIANO
Event handling solver compared to Modelica DASSL under XMOD in a bouncing ball benchmark
Workshop OpenModelica 2014 3-5 February Linkôping Sweden, 2014, 2014

SORIANO Thierry, ZERELLI Manel, GALLOIS Thibaut-Hugues, WARNIEZ Aude
Quantifying reliability of a mechatronic system using Hausdorff distance in state space
Mecatronics (MECATRONICS), 2014 10th France-Japan/ 8th Europe-Asia IEEE Congress on mechatronics, pp. 47-52, 2014
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Thibaut-Hugues GALLOIS, Jean BRAC, Thierry SORIANO
A new method of event handling for ODE solvers and application to a benchmark
27 th European Simulation and Modelling Conference ESM2013 23-25 October Lancaster UK, ed. EUROSIS , 2013