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2018 Analytical and numerical investigation of coupled hygro-thermo-mechanical model of multi-layers bonded structure
2018 A new prestressed dynamic stiffness element for vibration analysis of thick circular cylindrical shells
2018 New magnetic aluminum matrix composites (Al-Zn-Si) reinforced with nano magnetic Fe3O4 for aeronautical applications
2018 Recycled and devulcanized rubber modified epoxy-based composites reinforced with nano-magnetic iron oxide, Fe3O4
2017 Evaluation of the energy release rate in mode I of asymmetrical bonded composite/metal assembly
2017 Pertinence of the Grain Size on the Mechanical Strength of Polycrystalline Metals
2017 Flow Stress and Damage Behavior of C45 Steel Over a Range of Temperatures and Loading Rates
2017 Innovative solution for strength enhancement of metallic like-composite tubular structures axially crushed used as energy dissipating devices
2017 Voiding Mechanisms in Deformed Polyamide 6 Observed at the Nanometric Scale
2017 Structure analysis of graded AA2011–Al2O3/NaAlSi3O8 composites produced by thixoforming
2017 Influence of nanoparticulate and fiber reinforcements on the wear response of multiferroic composites processed by powder metallurgy
2017 Design and physical properties of multifunctional structural composites reinforced with nanoparticles for aeronautical applications
2017 Design of Mechanical-Physical properties of Epoxy-Rubber based Composites reinforced with Nanopartciles
2017 Effects of the laser cutting parameters on the micro-hardness and on the heat affected zone of the mi-hardened steel
2016 Structural versus microstructural evolution of semi-crystalline polymers during necking under tension: Influence of the skin-core effects, the relative humidity and the strain rate