HAMZA Ghazoi

Détails :

Statut : Doctorant

Equipe : Ingénierie numérique
Doctorat : Contribution au développement des modèles a...

Adresse : 3, rue Fernand Hainaut - 93407 Saint Ouen

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Publications :

• Revues internationales

Hamza G., Choley J.-Y., Hammadi M., Barkallah M., Louati J., Riviere A., Haddar M.
Pre-designing of a mechatronic system using an analytical approach with Dymola
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, vol. 53, no. 3, 2015
issn: 1429-2955
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• Communications dans des colloques internationaux

HAMZA Ghazoi, CHOLEY Jean-Yves, HAMMADI Moncef, BARKALLAH Maher, LOUATI Jamel, RIVIERE Alain, HADDAR Mohamed
Pre-dimensioning of the Dynamic Properties of the Wind Turbine System Using Analytical Approach
Proceedings of the Sixth Conference on Design and Modeling of Mechanical Systems, CMSM'2015, pp. 179-188, 2015
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HAMZA Ghazoi, BARKALLAH Maher, LOUATI Jamel, HADDAR Mohamed, HAMMADI Moncef, CHOLEY Jean-Yves, RIVIERE Alain
Analytical approach for the integrated preliminary analysis of mechatronic systems subjected to vibration
Mecatronics (MECATRONICS), 2014 10th France-Japan/ 8th Europe-Asia Congress, pp. 151-155, 2014
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• Communications dans des colloques francophones

Ghazoi HAMZA, Jean-Yves CHOLEY, Moncef HAMMADI, Maher BARKALLAH, Jamel LOUATI, Alain RIVERE, Mohamed HADDAR
An analytical method for the preliminary design of a mechatronic design
2ème Journées des Systèmes Mécatroniques, 17-20 mars 2014, Mahdia-Tunisie, 2014