Publications de type Communications dans des colloques internationaux

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2014 Towards Management of Knowledge and Lesson Learned In Digital Factory
2014 Event handling solver compared to Modelica DASSL under XMOD in a bouncing ball benchmark
2014 Influence of Heat Treatment on Impact crash behaviour of compressible Al Matrix-low density composites (Semi solid Processsing)
2014 Effect of Operational Parameters in the semi-solid Processing of Al/SiC from Machining Chips
2014 Production of Al/SiC/NiAl2O4 MM-Composites by Thixoforming of recycled Chips
2014 Dynamic Maufacturing Network, PLM Hub and Business standards testbed
2014 Dynamic Maufacturing Network, PLM Hub and Business standards testbed
2014 Manufacturing and Mechanical Properties of Elastomeric Composites: Chemical and Physical Analysis
2014 Study of Influence of SiC and Al2O3 as Reinforcement Elements in Elastomeric Matrix Composites
2014 Mechanical and tribological performance of aluminium matrix composite reinforced with nano iron oxide (Fe3O4)
2014 Investigation on Production of Open Cells Al Foam by Using Organic Sugar as Space Holders
2014 New generation of energy dissipating systems based on biaxial buckling for improving vehicular crashworthiness
2014 Generic approach for the generation of symbolic dimensional variations based on Gröbner basis for over-constrained mechanical assemblies
2014 Multidisciplinary approach for optimizing mechatronic systems: Application to the optimal design of an electric vehicle