Publications de type Communications dans des colloques internationaux

Annéeicone de tri Titre
2014 Mechatronic design optimization using multi-agent approach
2014 Agent-Based approach for partitioning the mechatronic design
2014 Mapping the product development process for dysfunction identification
2014 A fuzzy multi criteria approach for evaluating sustainability performance of third –party reverse logistics providers
2014 Sustainable approach for third-party reverse logistics provider selection
2014 Systemic Optimization of an active vibration micro-isolator : an interval computation and constraint propagation based approach
2014 DEPS : Un Langage pour la spécification de problèmes de conception de systèmes
2014 How to improve environmental performance by negotiating functional specification of complex system ?
2014 Production of Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites by Thixoforming of Recycled Chips reinforced with SiC and Nickel Aluminate intermetallic: Aeronautical Applications
2014 Identification of constitutive laws for rubber materials: A numerical study,
2014 Process excellence by embedding of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag in the production of composite parts in aeronautical engineering
2014 Analysis of Cut Surface Quality of Sheet Metals Obtained by Laser Machining: Thermal Effects
2014 Study of the influence of SiC and Al2O3 as reinforcement elements in new design of elastomeric matrix composites
2014 Multifunctional Energetic Structural Composites: Epoxy-Rubber Matrix with Nickel Aluminum Reinforcements
2014 Low cost manufacturing of aluminium-alumina composites: processing, microstructural aspects and properties