Publications de type Communications dans des colloques internationaux

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2013 Process optimization by direct integration of the RFID chips during the manufacturing of the composite parts used in aeronautical engineering
2013 Capitalizing Data, Information and Knowledge on mechanical experiments through ontologies
2013 Processing of Composites in Aluminum-Transition Metals Alumines Systems
2013 Optimization and Service Life Prediction of Elastomeric Based Composites Used in Manufacturing Engineering
2013 Design of Multifunctional Energetic Structural Composites: A Preliminary Study on an Epoxy-Rubber Matrix With Exothermic Mixture Reinforcements
2013 Epoxy Resin Reinforced Scrap Rubber Composites Used for Aeronautical Applications
2013 Damage Analysis of composites integrated with RFID chip used in aeronautics
2013 Study of the influence of SiC and Al2O3 as reinforcement elements in elastomeric matrix composites
2013 Manufacturing of low cost bioceramic composites: experimental and finite element analysis
2013 Multicycle Microindentation at Constant Load of Aluminium Matrix Composite reinforced with Nano Iron Oxide (Fe3O4)
2013 New design of aluminium based composites through combined method of powder metallurgy and thixoforming
2013 Investigation of Wear Behaviour of Rubber Based Composites by Continuous Multi-Cycle Indentation
2013 Processing of epoxy-nickel matrix composites reinforced with aluminum and waste elastomers
2013 New Design of Composite Materials Based on Scrap Rubber Matrix Reinforced with Epoxy and SiC
2013 YSZ (yttria-stabilized zirconia)-reinforced Mg-based amorphous composites :