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2014 Optimization and Service Life Prediction of Elastomeric Based Composites Used in Manufacturing Engineering
2014 Design of Multifunctional Energetic Structural Composites: A Preliminary Study on an Epoxy-Rubber Matrix with Exothermic Mixture Reinforcements
2014 Manufacturing and Damage Analysis of Epoxy Resin-Reinforced Scrap Rubber Composites for Aeronautical Applications
2014 Numerical Applications in Damage-Induced Anisotropy Damage induced anisotropy in Low-Cycle Fatigue Low-cycle fatigue (LCF) Modeling for Metals
2013 Low Velocity Impact Behaviour of the Epoxy Matrix Composites Reinforced with Metallic and Oxide Particles
2013 Design of New Elastomeric Matrix Composites: Comparison of Mechanical Properties and Determining Viscoelastic Parameters via Continuous Micro Indentation
2013 Experimental Study of High Speed Ball End Milling of Titanium Alloy (Ti-6Al-4V)
2013 Production of Metal Matrix Composites Using Thixoinfiltration Techniques
2013 Integrating Radial Basis Functions with Modelica for Mechatronic Design
2013 Application of the CSP Approach and the Interval Computation for the Optimal Sizing of a Compression Spring
2012 Advanced materials: processing, properties, reliability and diagnostics
2012 Dynamiques connectives
2012 Attractions borroméennes. De la connectivité aux temporalités.
2011 L’usine numérique : conception et simulation collaborative d’une ligne d’assemblage final aéronautique
2011 Coordinates Free Approach for the Calculation of Geometrical Requirement Variations