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2017 Pertinence of the Grain Size on the Mechanical Strength of Polycrystalline Metals
2017 Flow Stress and Damage Behavior of C45 Steel Over a Range of Temperatures and Loading Rates
2017 Innovative solution for strength enhancement of metallic like-composite tubular structures axially crushed used as energy dissipating devices
2016 Structural versus microstructural evolution of semi-crystalline polymers during necking under tension: Influence of the skin-core effects, the relative humidity and the strain rate
2016 Dimensional perturbation of rigidity and mobility
2016 In-plane dynamic stiffness matrix for a free orthotropic plate
2016 Formulation of the dynamic stiffness of a cross-ply laminated circular cylindrical shell subjected to distributed loads
2016 Effect of impactor shapes on the low velocity impact damage of sandwich composite plate: Experimental study and modelling
2016 Experimental and Numerical Study of Alumina Reinforced Aluminium Matrix Composites: Processing, Microstructural Aspects and Properties
2016 Magnetic and electrical properties of aluminium matrix composite reinforced with magnetic nano iron oxide
2016 An object-unified approach to develop controllers for autonomous underwater vehicles
2016 CrossRef OpenURL Resolver
2016 Design and manufacturing of new elastomeric composites: mechanical properties, chemical and physical analysis
2015 Experimental Investigation of Deformation in 5083 Marine-Grade Aluminum Alloy at Elevated Temperatures
2015 On the efficiency of parallel baffle-type silencers in rectangular ducts: prediction and measurement