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2014 spectral methods plasticity modeling for fatigue damage estimation: experimental application - Uniaxial case
2014 Using simple shape three-dimensional rigid inclusions to enhance porous layer absorption
2014 Characterization of friction properties at the work material/cutting tool interface during the machining of randomly structured carbon fibers reinforced polymer with Poly Crystalline Diamond tool under dry conditions
2014 Enhancing the absorption properties of acoustic porous plates by periodically embedding Helmholtz resonators
2014 How to Improve Environmental Performance by Negotiating Functional Specifications of Complex System?
2014 Effect of interference-fit on fatigue life for composite lap joints - Experimental and Modelling,
2014 Processing of Epoxy-Nickel Matrix Composites Reinforced with Aluminum and Waste Elastomers,
2014 New design of aluminium based composites through combined method of powder metallurgy and thixoforming
2014 Wear Resistance of Elastomeric based Composites by Continuous Multi-Cycle Indentation used in Manufacturing Engineering,
2014 New Design of Composite Materials Based on Scrap Rubber Matrix Reinforced with Epoxy and SiC
2014 YSZ-reinforced Mg-based amorphous composites: Processing, Characterization & Corrosion
2014 Mechanical linkage design and NP-hardness
2014 Compact model and identification process for friction induced damping in a rotational joint with flawed surfaces
2014 Experienced knowledge for the description of maintenance packages
2014 Characterization of the Effects of Active Filler-Metal Alloys in Joining Ceramic-to-Ceramic and Ceramic-to-Metal Materials