Publications de type Revues internationales

Annéeicone de tri Titre
2013 An integrated Case-Based Reasoning and AHP method for team selection
2013 Novel approach for selection green teams: case of surgical teams
2013 Espaces connectifs : représentations, feuilletages, ordres, difféologies
2013 Using eco-design tools: An overview of experts' practices
2013 Development and integration of a simplified environmental assessment tool based on an environmental categorisation per range of products
2013 CSP approach and interval computation for the coupling between static and dynamic requirements in the preliminary design of a compression spring
2013 Simulation in product lifecycle: Towards a better information management for design projects
2013 New approach to solve dynamic truss structure using topological collections and transformations
2013 Transient response of a rotor-AMBs system connected by a flexible mechanical coupling
2013 A Consistent Preliminary Design Process for Mechatronic Systems
2012 Hamiltonian partial mixed finite element - state space symplectic semi-analytical approach for the piezoelectric smart composites and FGM analysis
2012 A Contribution for Virtual Prototyping of Mechatronic Systems Based on Real-Time Distributed High Level Architecture
2012 A piezoelectric 3D hexahedral curvilinear finite element based on the space fiber rotation concept
2012 A conceptual model for the implementation of an Inter-Knowledge Objects Exchange System (IKOES) in automotive industry
2012 A framework to support requirements analysis in engineering design