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2012 A self-consistent approach describing the strain induced anisotropy: Case of yield surface evolution
2012 Harmonic component detection: Optimized Spectral Kurtosis for operational modal analysis
2012 Parametric analysis of effective material properties of thickness-shear piezoelectric macro-fibre composites
2012 Piezoelectric d15 shear-response-based torsion actuation mechanism: an exact 3D Saint-Venant type solution
2012 Laser Cutting of Thin Aluminum and Silicon Alloy: Influence of Laser Power on Kerf Width
2012 Ultrafine-Grained Aluminum Processed by a Combination of Hot Isostatic Pressing and Dynamic Plastic Deformation: Microstructure and Mechanical Properties
2012 A mode matching approach for modeling two dimensional porous grating with infinitely rigid or soft inclusions
2012 Prediction of surface roughness by experimental design methodology in Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM),
2012 Static model of a violin bow: influence of camber and hair tension on mechanical behavior
2012 Ultrafine-grained nickel refined by dislocation activities at intermediate strain rate impact: deformation microstructure and mechanical properties
2012 Partial-mixed special finite element for the analysis of multilayer composites and FGM
2012 Effectiveness of multilayer viscoelastic insulators to prevent occurrences of brake squeal: a numerical study
2012 Smart and nano materials properties characterization and structural response (acknowledgment for the guest edition of this issue)
2012 Special finite elements for advanced modeling of engineering problems (Editorial)
2012 Managing system configuration through constraint propagation in function and value analyses of product families